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Re-Animate Who?

mater 2

Words by Kutta Betch, Rat City Rollergirls
Photo by Danny Ngan

My dearest “The Re-AnimateHer”

You are not that special
You are not a big deal;
You skate like a punk bitch
And I’m here to spotlight steal.

I may be new to Grave Danger
But I’m not new to the sport;
You are becoming old news
I hate to report.

Your 2100 fans on Facebook
Are going to start vanishing;
As I start to rise in fame
With your popularity diminishing*.

When I make it big
The spotlight will come off you;
The household name will be Kutta
All while hearing, “Mater…who?”

I say this with love
And you may all call me a hater;
But with all mad respect
I’m coming for you, ‘Mater….


Kutta Betch #187

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*Editor’s note: This rhyme is wack! But our new webstore is HELLA FRESH. Check it here: wearehellarad/

14 comments to Re-Animate Who?

  • Said no one ever

    Hey give her a break, the ego is totally justified. She isn’t insecure or over-reaching at all. She’s the best skater in derby ever, and everyone who has ever met her has not thought of her as a standoffish stuck up loudmouth.

  • Herbie

    Dear Kuttasworstnightmare,

    There are 2 I’s in idiot… jussayn.

  • Ann O'War

    Haha, this is brilliant!

  • Rezza Wrecked-Her

    Kutta, you are hilarious. You and Mater are two of my favorite skaters. Seattle will soon know Kutta, she wouldn’t have it any other way! And what is a little competition and friendly banter between friends? It’s derby, that’s what it is!

  • Lulu Lockjaw

    Oh this made my day!

  • wowyourjokeisstupid

    No one cares.

  • Your Mom

    Dear Kuttah. you’re boring. the end.

  • Now THIS is the derby I fell in love with. See you both in Glendale!

  • Wowyoucan'ttakeajoke

    dear Kuttasworstnightmare,

    You obviously don’t know either of these ladies. This is what they would call teammate bonding.

    A member of RCRG

  • Kutta Betch

    I think I’m up to 75 likes now! Big time, baby!

  • 71 fans is pretty pathetic
    You think you are clever and oh so poetic.
    When I am done with you, you’ll be wearing a prosthetic.
    Those who can’t do hate.
    So buck up you bitch.
    Shut up and skate.
    It’s not just skill it’s also aesthetic-Maters got that on you–
    Your cockiness is straight up pathetic.

    You run your neck and you seal your fate.
    If I wasn’t coming for you before- well now it’s too late.

    I play this sport not for ego or fame.
    I don’t play this sport to be a household name.
    I do it all for love of the game.

    I put in my heart and I put in my soul.
    I play this sport with one single goal—
    I play for my team and I play to win

    Your self-serving attitude gets under my skin.
    You just committed a derby deadly sin.
    There’s no I in team but there is one in idiot.
    I hope your fame is worth it
    When I am done with you—you might as well just quit it.

  • knuckles

    Ha! Kuttah will never be Reanimater. Nice try though.

  • Diz Ruptive

    I love it. Awesome. Nothing makes a derby girl work harder than being called out. Competition is good for the soul and sport. So long as kutta can back it up. Woot!!

  • everyone else

    Kutta who?

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