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Cruz Skate Shop Gets Prettified

Hey ‘Radders!

What do you do when yer unemployed and yer best pals ask you to help ‘em paint their shop in exchange for some scrilla? You tell them to throw a couple tall cans into the equation, and call it a done deal. I spent the last few days in overalls and funny goggles (this was *after* painting my eyeballs a lovely shade of vanilla), getting my brush, roller and dust on with Rioter’s Block and Motley Cruz from Cruz Skate Shop. The ladies closed up shop for a few days while the transformation took place.

When we started, Cruz SF was the same good ol’ pink and brown gnargyle combo you may remember from the opening, nearly 4 years ago (if you were rad enough to be there).



(The party, April 2008)

Putty and primering begins, Monday

J Crush brushes up

Proprietress extraordinaire

As the Cruz Employee Handbook states: “Each employee shall take a mandatory shotgun break every 4 hours.”

Day 2. Mint green and a lighter shade of chocolate replaced the pink and brown on the walls, and the ceiling became vanilla. Are you craving an ice cream cone yet? (Note: Painting the ceiling fucking sucks. Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise.)

Day 3. Motley’s hubby and Plaid Again Screenprinting owner, Gordo, came by to do a lot of stuff involving electrical wires and power tools. Dudes!


After pulling almost two weeks of 10 to 15 hour days moving out of the Sac store, giving the SF store a facelift AND relaunching their website, the Cruz girls (and dudes, not pictured) were pretty beat.

After just 3 days, I feel kinda similar. And also like a wuss.

And that’s a wrap! Your favorite skate shop, Cruz SF is now back, open fer business and looking better than ever! Just in time for the start of the derby season. Get on in there and try not to let the paint fumes get to ya. If you can’t get into the store, their website is all ready to go, too (and the only place you can get limited-edition HELLARAD merch)!!


P.S. Thanks to our friends at (the also newly remodeled) Iron & Gold for pouring much-needed after-painting libations.

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